EAGLEPay.us – Merchant Services



Since 1989, EAGLEPay.us®. has been the full-service business to business banking arm for several F.D.I.C. insured financial institutions. We are second to none in the full range of services which we can provide big or small businesses with superior products, services and customer service and the experience of our fantastic and diligent staff.

EAGLEPay.us® provides any merchant, whether a retail, hospitality, food service, convenience stores and more with a fast, easy and affordable way to accept credit card payments for their businesses.

Our wide selection of cutting-edge credit card processing equipment includes — POS systems and wireless terminal equipment, credit card terminals, pin-pads, printers and more products and services vital to any healthy business. All while delivering the highest level of security and convenience.


EAGLEPay.us® is one of the leading online credit card processing companies in the United States.We are more than a credit card processor, integrating as your digital strategy partner that brings revenue gateways to your business through our marketplace. This gives your business to have an e-commerce store for only $34.97 p/mo.

Bringing you the best the digital and product space has to offer with social media, website, and your own digital marketing team. 

Supercharging your business with social media and SEO to drive more traffic to your curbside/call ahead program. 

Let’s get you notice and capture the hyper-local market share today. This is our essentials plan for an affordable start. 


Our convenient merchant card services makes it easy for your business to accept credit card payments online. If you’re planning to sell products or services online, it is vital to be able to accept credit card payments. We are one of the best online payment processing companies offering secure credit card payment processing services you can rely on.

If you are looking for the best credit card processing solutions and credit card processing equipment, EAGLEPay.us® can provide the products and services you need. We serve companies of all sizes in a variety of different industries. From restaurants to hotels, our goal is to make it easy for your customers to pay you online via a secure web portal.