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EAGLEPay.us® helps you run your business with
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Special Niche Accounts

We specialize in partnering with non-traditional businesses, providing the same high-level service to unconventional organizations as we do for anyone else. Let us streamline the payment process for you.

Zero-Cost Processing Options

With EAGLEPay.us® innovative, client-focused payment processing services, retailers and service providers save on every transaction. With free equipment and customer-paid surcharges, your profits are protected.

Mobile Payments

Replace inconvenient paper checks and outdated credit card machines with today’s cutting-edge mobile payment processing systems. Save money, time and frustration with EAGLEPay.us®

Point-of-Sale Systems

Delivering lightning-fast functionality, exceptional readability, and easy use, our POS systems allow retailers and restaurateurs to quickly and efficiently integrate systems, streamline processes, and bolster their bottom line.

EAGLEPay.us Earns Top 10 in Payment and Card Solution Provider



From connecting your off-site sales staff to giving your servers the tools to more efficiently process orders, your business’ electronic devices can make or break your business. Give your customers an easier way to pay while streamlining your transactions with modern payment processing. From running credit cards to tracking loyalty rewards and logging inventory changes, our processing equipment puts the power of integration in your hands, while boosting your bottom line. Get started with just one phone call to our merchant services team.

Food & Beverage

EAGLEPay.us® offers its food & beverage clients a solution that enables both the front house and the kitchen to operate at maximum efficiency.


EAGLEPay.us® is one of the leading online credit card processing companies in the United States.

Online Sales

EAGLEPay.us® offers its food & beverage clients a solution that enables both the front house and the kitchen to operate at maximum efficiency.



After more than 20 years of serving American business owners, we’ve experienced a number of sweeping changes in the payment-processing industry, and we’ve kept pace with every one. Staying on the cutting-edge, we’ve always seamlessly adopted the best practices, products, and services, giving our clients the advantages of innovation.

From fully integrated POS systems to mobile payment processing equipment, we offer services and products that save you time and money. Our mission is to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of your success.

With no annual fees, no contracts and no equipment costs, we are the ideal choice in payment processing. Find out why your competitors choose us by contacting our client services team now



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